WOW!!! Hi there!! This is Bonnie & Stan Thomasik writing to you to let you know that we just tried your sauce for the first time!! Trust me, it is the only sauce we will ever buy AGAIN!!!!! We wanted to try something different and decided to purchase your sauce, Roasted Garlic sounded awesome! Well, we just had it for tonight's supper, and both my hubby and I kept saying, this IS what spaghetti sauce is suppose to taste like! YEAH!!!!! All I did is make some 80% lean hamburger to add to it. Thank you so much for your wonderful sauce!! We wish we tried it a lot sooner, but are very grateful we did. Thanking in advance for your time and terrific product!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Sincerely,

- Bonnie & Stan Thomasik * Allentown, Pennsylvania

Dear Delgrosso Foods Inc. I grew up in Tyrone and have been living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia working as a nurse since June 2013. I am shocked when I went into one of the local grocery stores to find in the US imports section Delgrosso's sauce. I could NOT believe it. It put a smile on my face to have something so close to home so far away from it. It really is a small world.

- Robin Flick * Riyadh,

I just purchased your "pappy fred's" old world pizza sauce - it is the best pizza sauce i've ever used and it's even better than any sauce from a restaurant or pizzeria. My mother and sister also tried the pizza i made with it and they commented on how delicious it was. I'm telling everyone i know how good it is. I like to make my own healthier pizza at home and this is perfect. Thank you!!!

- Janet Kolar * Verona, Pennsylvania

LaFamiglia is by far the greatest sauce that you can buy. I normally take Sunday Marinara and mix it with your Tomato and Basil and it comes out so wonderfully. Tonight, I tried Uncle Jim's late night sauce and it was to die for. I am so happy your in business and thank you for your wonderful sauces.

- David DiStefano * Fort Myers, Florida

I grew up in a Sicilian household and am no stranger to a good spaghetti sauce (from the "Old Country"). Imagine how shocked I was to find out Uncle Fred's Fireworks Sauce is the best "jar sauce" I ever tasted, and one of my favorite spaghetti sauces — period. It literally brings tears to my eyes (ha-ha!). Many thanks to Uncle Fred for sharing his SPECIAL SPAGHETTI SAUCE with "the rest of us."

- Jeff Miersi * Apopka, Florida

My husband and I LOVE Uncle Jimmy's Late Night Puttanesca Sauce, and now my neighborhood book club loves it too! I invited the book club to dinner recently and made my Italian Sausage and Pasta Casserole using Uncle Jimmy's sauce, and it was such a big hit, everyone wanted the recipe. Since then, I've heard from several of them who told me that their husbands also rave about the dish. One husband insisted that his wife serve it again the next week for his birthday! Everyone followed the recipe and just like me, insist that Uncle Jimmy's Late Night Puttanesca Sauce makes all the difference. I keep my cupboard stocked with DelGrosso products. YUM.

- Alison Serey * Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oh my gosh...the Sunday Marinara is one of the best pasta sauces I have ever had...and I mean EVER, not just jarred variety! I could (and do!) eat it cold from the jar! You've actually helped me lose weight because I don't really crave pasta anymore -- just spoonfuls of your fabulous sauce! (I guess it's like soup, right?)

- Annie Knapp * Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi there!

I just had some of the marinara sauce for lunch. I have to say that it's the best jarred sauce that I've EVER had! I tasted a sample at a tasting booth set up here at the Ralph's Grocery Store in Marina del Rey. I was so impressed that I purchased 3 jars. (I wish I would have grabbed a few more coupons to purchase more)!

I don't think I'll bother making my own sauce anymore, this stuff is delicious!

Just wanted to let you know!


- Odie Cope * Marin del Rey, California

Of all the jarred and various local specialty store on site made marinara sauces, yours is the best in recent memory. It's fresh and doesn't contain any ingredients that may be harmful to people with milk and nut allergies. I intend to stock up in case the stores near me don't have it when I need it.

- Lillian * Brewster, New York

I just HAD to write to you about the “subject” sauce! My husband is Italian (I’m a ‘little’) and I usually make my own spaghetti sauce, however, when I’m feeling lazy, I buy store bought sauce. We’re from NJ, but while on vacation today in St. Augustine, FL, we were looking for sauce in Publix…. When we buy store bought sauce we generally have to doctor it up but your Uncle Jim’s Late Night Puttanesca was fantastic RIGHT OUT OF THE JAR! We were both shocked. It was absolutely delicious and we wondered why we have never heard of it before. Kudos to you for making a sauce that tastes more homemade than almost any we have previously tried. We will definitely purchase it again, especially since I read on-line that it can be bought in Marlton, NJ.

- Eunice * Woolwich Towship, New Jersey

I just wanted to Thank You for producing a fantastically spiced sauce that is honestly the best jarred sauce I have found on today's market. I have tried dozens of sauces, many that were priced much higher than your product, and found I was disappointed in the flavor and quality of the other products. After discovering your Fireworks Sauce, I have never used another sauce and will not for as long as you continue to produce it. My family loves the flavor and the hint of heat your Fireworks Sauce adds to our pasta. We are true fans of your products and amusement park!

Thanks again!

- Elizabeth Minor * Muncy, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to thank you! I've been looking for a jarred spicy tomato sauce for years and years now. I've tried them all - Emmerill's, Mario Batali's, Muir Woods, Paul Newman's and on and on, but I couldn't find one I liked... until now. I even tried making one myself, and found that I am not a creative cook! Your Uncle Fred's Firehouse Sauce is the BEST!!! I just made a pot of angel hair and opened a jar of your sauce...only half the jar made it to the angel hair...I ate the rest right from the jar. It is the perfect combination of fresh tomatoes and basil and onions, and just the right amount of heat. I would have sworn I was eating my friend Jim Schiuma's homemade sauce - it was that good. So, THANK YOU!!! I'm going to the store right now to stock up! Keep making that sauce!

- Debbie Vogel * New York City, New York

“I bought a jar of your sauce and brought it home from Florida. It looked really good in the jar and little did I know how great it is. We had it for supper tonight and I had to e-mail you right away and let you know how much we enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. I am going to order a case and share it with my family. Thank you for making such a great product. I will be looking in Illinois to see where I can purchase it. I used Sunday Marinara!!!”


- Carol Malina * Illinois

“I sampled two of your four choices at the local Associated (Morton Williams) on East 23rd Street between First and Second Avenues. If the gentleman serving the samples was a member of your family, you should be very proud. He was gracious and soft-spoken and very nice. And he didn’t do ‘hard sell’…your product doesn’t need it. That was a big plus, but after tasting the samples I immediately went to the shelf to buy these two varieties: Tomato Basil and Arrabbiata.

“You will be amused, perhaps, by how much I was willing to put myself out to get them. The store had stacked them up in a way that if I had pulled out the ones I wanted from the stack, the whole tower would have come tumbling down. So I hunted down a manager, and waited for him to come with me to look at the situation. He shifted things around safely. I do hope they settle on a more secure display!

“I haven’t tried all four varieties yet so can’t say that I prefer the ones I got, but I do like what I have very much and will certainly buy them again. The quality is superb.”


- Gail * New York, New York

“Hi! I just have to tell you that you have the best-tasting jarred sauce I’ve ever tasted. Mind you, I’m always looking for that homemade taste, but I’m always disappointed. Many sauce makers charge a lot and the packaging looks great, but the sauce tastes blah! But, oh no, not yours!… you have the real thing!! I hope Publix in my area continues to stock your sauces! Thanks Again!”


- Mrs. I. Williams * Altamonte Springs, Florida

“Hello. I attended the St. Francis University picnic at the park this past Sunday (yesterday) and I picked up a jar of Uncle Jim’s Late Night Puttanesca Sauce. I had it for dinner tonight with fried portabella mushrooms over pasta and I wanted you to know it was the best sauce I’ve ever eaten. It was simply the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


- Dan Drumm * Pennsylvania

“Hi. I saw the product at a local Cleveland, Ohio grocery store (Heinen’s).

“I was looking for a marinara sauce and yours looked interesting. I read your booklet that was attached to the jar to find out more info on other products/recipes. I did try the sauce and thought it to be wonderful! I’ll definitely purchase it again.”


- Lois Powers * Sagamore Hills, Ohio

“I recently purchased the Tomato Basil Masterpiece and have never tasted such an awesome sauce in my life! It’s really great! I purchased it at the Brooklyn, Ohio, Giant Eagle supermarket. Thanks very much and keep up the great work!”


- Michael Lang * Cleveland, Ohio

“Fixed lasagna for dinner this evening using Aunt Mary Ann’s Sunday Marinara, and used the recipe from one of your recipe cards. I have to admit, I was a little nervous paying almost eight dollars for a jar of sauce. I am glad that I did. I have never really cared for lasagna. But my husband loves lasagna and I fix it for him every couple of months. Well, you have turned me in a lasagna lover! I cannot wait to try some of your other sauces.”


- Theresa * Jacksonville, Florida

“I live in Fair Lawn, New Jersey and saw your sauces in the Kings supermarket in Ridgewood where I do most of my grocery shopping. I used the Sunday Marinara sauce the other night and it was excellent… almost as good as my own!”


- Joan Polk * Fair Lawn, New Jersey

“Met you on Monday night in the city, tried the Sunday night sauce tonight (Tuesday) and it was a big hit. I’m happy to say that it is now a regular at Kings and in my kitchen!!”


- Kelly Sandulli * New Jersey

“Several weeks back, I met you in the Amish Market on 9th Avenue in Manhattan. I just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend and I finally had a chance to try some of your La Famiglia tomato sauce. We went with the Tomato Basil and we thought it was fantastic. You definitely captured the sweet, salty, fresh flavor I associate with my Aunt Rose’s homemade sauce—a flavor I’ve been unable to recreate on my own. We’re looking forward to trying the Fireworks sauce and the Marinara in the next few weeks. I’ll be making my own pasta to go with it, since the store-bought pasta wouldn’t quite measure up to the sauce.”


- Dave R. * New York, New York

“Michael, it was a pleasure meeting you and your cousin Jamie at the A&P in Mount Kisco, New York this past weekend. We used your vodka sauce the same evening that we purchased it, and I cannot remember the last time I consumed as much cappelini as I did that evening! It was all due to your delicious sauce.

“I can’t believe that a product out of a jar could be as wonderful and flavor-filled as yours was—but it was indeed!! You’re going to give some of the upper-end restaurants in the area a run for their money.

“Many thanks; I’ve already been to your website and have saved (as a ‘favorite’) the page that offers the gift packs.”


- Spencer B. Rosman * Purchase, New York

“Hello, tried the Sunday Marinara Sauce for the first time this week. For the first time since I can remember, I found a sauce that did not need to be ‘tweaked’ or changed in any fashion. Absolutely delicious straight out of the jar.

“You have made me a fan! A terrific product and I’m looking forward to trying the other sauces.”


- Sue Lindsay * St. Petersburg, Florida

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mary Ann’s new pasta sauce is fabulous. Being vegan, it is very hard to find a delicious sauce that does not contain meat, cheese or a meat-based broth in it. This sauce has a fabulous flavor and great eye appeal, unlike some of the so-called sauce products made for vegans.

“Again, thank you DelGrosso’s and Miss Mary Ann.”


- Nancy K. Greiner *

“I must tell you how great your sauce is. I have been making my own. However, today I did not have sauce and my husband wanted pasta. So I checked out the ingredients list of a lot of sauces on the shelf at Publix here in The Villages. Yours stood out because of the family picture and the name.

“Well, I bought two jars, took it home and opened one. I have to tell you, it looked so good I took a spoon and tasted it cold. It was absolutely fantastic! The taste was wonderful, just like great homemade sauce. You now have a steady customer—Thank you for making a great sauce!”


- Agatha * The Villages, Florida

“We have tasted hundreds of sauces in our 23-year marriage and this is one of the best we’ve had. Thanks and we’ll have to try some of your other sauces next time we go to Whole Foods.”


- Marty Navarro * Greenville, South Carolina

“I was in Kings Supermarket on Sunday the 23rd of December. They had a table for tasting with your sauces. I may never make my own again. I flipped over the Fireworks Sauce.”


- Elaine Provenzano * Martinsville, New Jersey

“We tried your Vodka Celebration pasta sauce for the first time and loved it. It doesn’t taste like a mass produced bottled sauce, and is rather very much like homemade. It was delicious.”


- Elizabeth M. * Weston, Florida

“Well, I must live under a rock because I just tasted your sauce for the first time the other day. I went shopping at Publix for my favorite pasta sauce, Gia Russa. When I discovered they were completely out, I began picking up jars and reading ingredients. The purity of your product is what piqued my curiosity. Although your product is little more expensive, I had to give it a try.

“I have to tell you, I loved your sauce! So far I've only tried Aunt Mary Ann’s Sunday Marinara, and it’s awesome. Well, now I’m ready to expand my sauce horizons. I just wanted to write and let you know that you have a great product, and I’m a new convert. I look forward to trying your other sauces.”


- Suzanne D. * Pompano Beach, Florida

“I found your sauce at our Giant Eagle. I’m always looking for a good a la Vodka sauce and yours won out!!! My son absolutely loves it!!! I haven’t tried the other sauces yet, but since this one is SO good I’m planning on it along with some of the recipes on your web site.

“Thank you!”


- Cindi Roberts * Brunswick, Ohio

“First, let me say...‘WOW!’ Absolutely the best sauce I have ever tasted. Although your sauce is a bit pricey for my pocketbook, it was on sale where I work, Publix Supermarket. We sell it for $7.99 a jar, it was on sale, buy one get one. I figured, what the heck, I would spend $4.00 on a single jar anyway. So I get the Sunday Marinara and the Vodka Celebration. OMG! The first one I tasted was the Sunday Marinara. I almost fell off my chair. I HAVE NEVER TASTED A SAUCE THIS GOOD!

“My Mom, who was 1/2 Italian, made her own sauce and although very good, does not even come close to yours. (Sorry Mom.) Anyway, just wanted to say, you’ve got a brand new fan. I will purchase your sauce even when it is not on sale, that is how much I liked it. Thank you so much.”


- Jane *

“OMG! I can not believe how good your sauces are! HEB Supermarkets in TX just started carrying them in my area. I grabbed a jar of Aunt Linda's Arrabbiata Sauce and used it for our Spaghetti last night. My husband and I were blown away... and even though it was a little spicy... my one year old even tore into it because it tasted so good! Wow! I can't wait to try the other varieties...I am marketing it down here for you for sure... Thanks for the great product. I can't begin to tell you how long I have been trying to find a good "spaghetti sauce"! I am on cloud nine and can't wait to get a hold of some Marinara to make Aunt Mary Ann's Lasagna! ”


- Stephanie Kennon * San Antonio, Texas

“I love the Late Night Puttanesca sauce so much that I sometimes just open the jar and eat it with a spoon by itself! Before I know it I have eaten the entire jar! ”


- Bart Birdsall * Tampa, Florida

“UNBELEIVABLE...I have been cooking for years and have been purchasing store bought pasta sauce for many years as well. I have never in my life experienced such a fresh pasta sauce from a jar as I have with DelGrosso's. Upon opening the jar, I immediately noticed and commented on the wonderful fresh smell I received right away, it was awesome. I couldn't wait to make my homemade gnocci in order to try it with the SUNDAY MARINARA. The dish was outstanding and everyone who tried it - wanted the receipe for the sauce - not my Gnocci. ... keep making the sauce so I can purchase it at my local grocery store in Michigan. (or you could send me the recipe!).”


- Kristine Heffron * Monroe, Michigan

“ WOW is all I can say!!!!!  I am a working (Italian mother) who would always only make fresh sauce from scratch.  I noticed Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara and Uncle Fred's Fireworks Sauce in my food store a few weeks ago.  The bottle, pictures and stories caught my eye so I tried it.  I served the Marinara over Raviolis and everyone raved about "my sauce".  Uncle Fred's Fireworks sauce I cannot say enough of!! Everyone has to try this incredible sauce.  It starts out smooth and then you get a taste of heat and it is not too hot... just the right amount of kick!!!!  The marinara was so much like my homemade that I could not believe this.  I have told my friends and family and they are all going to try it. Last night I bought the Vodka sauce to try and cannot wait.

I am so glad that I finally found a store bought sauce that I do not feel guilty about serving because it is Fresh, Homemade, and Delish!!!!  Thanks for sharing your wonderful sauce with us.”


- Janet * Boston, Massachusetts

"All I have to say is WOW!!!  The first time I tasted Aunt Mary Ann's Marinara Sauce I couldn't believe it!  It reminded me of when I was growing up.  My family would go into Flushing, NY to my Aunt Anna and Uncle Murray's house for Sunday dinner.  Your sauce tasted exactly like the sauce my aunt and uncle made.  It brought back so many happy memories!  This is the only sauce we buy now!  It is the best!"


- Rose * Brandon, Florida

"Hi – I want to thank you for your sauce – there are a few things in this world where I can say that I truly get what I pay for and your sauce is one of those things.  I can truly say that your sauce tastes as good (ok – better) than homemade and it makes pasta worth having on a regular basis.  The Sunday Marinara is the absolute best.  So thank you for making your great product.  I will tell all my friends."


- Jim Dass * McDonough, Georgia

"I currently live in the Virginia Beach area, but was raised in Tipton PA, right over the hill from the DelGrosso family.  Every time one of my family or wife’s family comes to visit, we make sure they bring a few cases with them to the beach.  We use the sauce all the time when guests come over and it always gets great comments and I never could tell them where to purchase the sauce until I found out that Bloom stores will be carrying it.  I just happen to have a friend that is a manager in a Bloom super market and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your product so I can be the first to buy it.  I will be one of your largest marketing managers in Virginia because you have always been a great family to know and you have a great product line."


- Frank Dixon * Hampton, Virginia

"Cincinnati's 11th Annual Flying Pig Marathon is Sunday and my husband Bill and I are having our annual "Pasta Pig Out" the night before.  We have 14 runners on our street, so we have all of them for the Pig Out, plus their families and groupies.  The runners load up on carbs... and the rest of us use it as an excuse to just pig out.  For the 3rd year, I'll be using DelGrosso Family sauces.  They were such a hit the first time that I've been using them ever since.  Our Kroger store carries them... hooray!!  We had leftovers last year, so after the race, all of our runners crashed in our front yard.  I reheated the pastas and the sauces and we pigged out once again right in our front yard.  Thanks for introducing us to the DelGrosso brand... we're hooked!"


- Martha Morrison * Cincinnati, Ohio

"My husband and I recently bought the Marinara sauce from our local Publix Supermarket… My husband is Italian and he sometimes takes the time to make sauce from scratch, although with our busy lifestyles, we don't normally have time for that.  Both of us thought it was one of the best tasting sauces we've ever tried and declared it even better than my husband's homemade sauce.  I just made spaghetti last night using your puttanesca sauce and I could've cried it was SO, SO good.  My two year old ate every bite and asked for seconds.  It really is better than any sauce in any restaurant and far outshines any other jarred sauce.  The price is a tad bit higher than other jar sauces, but it is worth every penny.  Please keep up the good work and you can be sure that I will be telling every person I know that they've got to try it."


- Vandy * Jacksonville, Florida

"I just have to tell you. I lived and worked in Italy most of my adult life and I have family from the North to Sicily and everywhere in between... so I'm not a stranger to sauce.  I am also a label reader and what prompted me to try your Sunday Marinara Sauce was the fact that I recognized every ingredient listed on your label and there were no words I couldn't pronounce.  Thanks for creating a natural, healthy and delicious product.  BRAVO."


- Lenny Gatto * New Jersey

"I was looking through my coupons and found one for a free jar of your sauce.  I usually make my own sauce, but I have occasionally fallen back on a jar.  I decided to try the Sunday Marinara.  I couldn't believe how amazing it was.  It was by far the best jarred sauce I have ever had.  Nobody would ever guess that this sauce was not homemade. It is a little more expensive then many of the other jars you can buy, but well worth the price!! My husband who hates all jarred sauces couldn't believe how great it was. I will never buy another brand and I will probably fall back on a jar much more often!!!"


- Barbara * Bay Shore, New York

"The Sunday Marinara is absolutely delicious.  I was looking through random jars of sauce at the Publix in my neighborhood and saw the Delgrosso jars on the shelf.  I decided to try it out and not make my own sauce this time (I have a huge Italian family).  It was so good and I don’t see myself buying anything else.  It’s great having Delgrosso products in the South!!"


- Jeff B. * Atlanta, Georgia

"I was visiting relatives in Greenville, SC last weekend and stopped at the store to pick up ingredients to make spaghetti. I am always looking for a really good sauce that can come close to my Aunt Lee's sauce. She was from Italy and her homemade sauce was perfection.  I am pleased to say that after I tried Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara Sauce I am hooked.  I live in Raleigh, NC and went to your website to find a place here that sells it so I can go buy some soon - thanks."


- Cheri * Raleigh, North Carolina

"My family begs me to make pasta every night so we can have your sauce.  Uncle Fred's Fireworks is our favorite, but the Sunday Marinara and Chef John's Tomato Basil Masterpiece are delicious too!  I can't wait to try the others.  Please don't stop selling to Kroger in VA or I will cry!"


- Susan C. * Virginia

"Oh my good gosh!!!! I finally found the perfect sauce!  I come from an Italian Family and cannot tell you how much I enjoy your Sunday Marinara!  Tell your Aunt Mary Ann 'Thank you'.  I am sending some to my Father to enjoy!  Delicioso!"


- Heidi C. * Cape Coral, Florida

"I have been searching for the perfect jarred vodka sauce forever.  I've finally found it in your Vodka Celebration sauce!  I also have a jar of your Sunday Marinara sauce in my pantry and can't wait to try it as well.  After tasting your vodka sauce, I'm sure it will be just as delicious!  The hunt is over... I will never buy any jarred sauces but La Famiglia DelGrosso!"


- Jan M. * Port St. Lucie, Florida

"Dear DelGrosso Family:  Your sauce is the best.  I am Italian and I have to admit  --  adding some pork and meatballs to your sauce and my family does not know the difference between yours and mine.  How gracious of your family to share your sauces with us.  I have my family in Charleston, SC buying your product also.  Our favorites are Sunday Marinara and Uncle Fred's Fireworks.  Please don't stop selling your product in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.  In fact, it is a race to buy your product whenever the shelves are stocked.  Also, my Christmas present to family in South Carolina is going to be cases of your sauce.  Thanks again for a delicious and authentic product!!"

- Adele B. * North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

"Hi-- I recently tried your Sunday Marinara sauce and I must tell you that is the best jarred pasta sauce I have ever tried! It is absolutely perfect. The Sunday Marinara sauce made my chicken parmesan so much better. I will never buy another brand pasta sauce ever again. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"


- Meaghan Dominick * Snelville, Georgia

"Congratulations!  I was raised in the Ashville/Patton area and I grew up with your delicious sauces.  My husband and I left the area in 1978 and today, I was in Publix outside the Metro Atlanta and there you were right on the end cap!  My husband and I flipped!  Tonight we had rigatoni.  Thank you so much and I wish to say as a fellow Altoonan, congratulations for growing your family business and reaching out to us from afar.  I wish you much luck in your future ventures!  I’ll bet it’s been a heck of a ride!"

- Denise Fabec * Dallas, Georgia

"I have tried almost all the jarred brand sauces in supermarkets, and know a good sauce when I find it. Your Sunday Marinara is not good…it’s incredible! You get what you pay for, and your sauce is well worth it!"

- Lori Silverstein * Suffern, New York

I was visiting relatives in Greenville, SC last weekend and stopped at the store to pick up ingredients to make spaghetti. I am always looking for a really good sauce that can come close to my Aunt Lee's sauce. She was from Italy and her homemade sauce was perfection.  I am pleased to say that after I tried Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara Sauce I am hooked.  I live in Raleigh, NC and went to your website to find a place here that sells it so I can go buy some soon - thanks

- Cheri * Raleigh, South Carolina

My family begs me to make pasta every night so we can have your sauce.  Uncle Fred's Fireworks is our favorite, but the Sunday Marinara and Chef John's Tomato Basil Masterpiece are delicious too!  I can't wait to try the others.  Please don't stop selling to Kroger in VA or I will cry!

- Susan C. * Virginia

Oh my good gosh!!!! I finally found the perfect sauce!  I come from an Italian Family and cannot tell you how much I enjoy your Sunday Marinara!  Tell your Aunt Mary Ann 'Thank you'.  I am sending some to my Father to enjoy!  Delicioso!

- Heidi C. * Cape Coral, Florida

I have been searching for the perfect jarred vodka sauce forever.  I've finally found it in your Vodka Celebration sauce!  I also have a jar of your Sunday Marinara sauce in my pantry and can't wait to try it as well.  After tasting your vodka sauce, I'm sure it will be just as delicious!  The hunt is over... I will never buy any jarred sauces but La Famiglia DelGrosso!

- Jan M. * Port St. Lucie, Florida

Copyright © 2011, DelGrosso Foods, Inc., All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2011, DelGrosso Foods, Inc., All rights reserved.